Step One

Please enter the ticker for a company to populate Normalized - Year 0 fundamental data

1Trailing twelve-month as-reported fundamental data is used here for illustration purposes. In practice, Diamond Hill research team members have their own view of normalized company fundamentals that in most instances differs from trailing twelve-month results.
2NOPAT is Net Operating Profit After Tax. In this example it is calculated as Operating Income less Taxes.
3Calculated as [(Market Price - Tangible Book Value per Share) / NOPAT per Share]
4CAGR is the abbreviation for Compound Annual Growth Rate.
5Calculated as [Year 5 Tangible Book Value per Share + (Year 5 Adjusted P/E x Year 5 NOPAT per Share)]
6PV is the abbreviation for Present Value.
7Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc. may have a financial interest in the holding. View the document in this link, Holdings of Financial Interest, to see if DHCM, through its clients, has a financial interest in the security.